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19 Jul 1998Pro-2022 Turbo-scan
19 Jul 1998Pro-2022 Display light
19 Jul 1998Pro-2022 Forced AM/FM switching
19 Jul 1998Pro-2022 Fitting a mains socket
19 Jul 1998Pro-2022 Disable that beep
19 Jul 1998Cellular Restoration on the Realistic PRO-2022
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Date Author Subject
1. 18 Mar 2016 David Carrasquillo (0) Radio Shack Pro 2022 Stone Deaf
2. 28 Nov 2007 Ken Jacobs (0) Need IF bandwidth mod for Radio Shack Pro-2022
3. 23 Sep 2007 clive harding (0) Pro2022 View article
4. 15 Jun 2005 kenster (0) pro-2022 the right crystal View article
5. 09 Jul 2004 Lyle (0) lost frequencies
6. 03 May 2003 Grimnir (0) PRO-2021 BEEP mod View article

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