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30 Aug 2016IC-V8000 2.5 khz Transmit for Part 90
16 Nov 2013TX power problem at low level.
17 Sep 2012ICOM IC V8000 Rebirth!!
04 Mar 2011Intermittant audio problem IC-V8000
13 Sep 2009RF power transistor replacement for IC-V8000
30 May 2008mic switch not keying icom IC-v8000
02 Mar 2008Mic Cord Problems for IC-V8000
26 Jan 2008Trouble with cooling fan for IC-V8000
12 Sep 2006Programming the ICOM V8000 for the Newbie
26 Mar 2006improved audio output for Icom IC-V8000
15 Jan 2005IC-V8000 TX from 136 to 174 MHz
15 Jan 2005Expanding Function for the IC-V8000
16 Feb 2003Icom V-8000 tx audio (2)
25 Jan 2003IC-V8000 ANL Function
17 Dec 2002Icom V-8000 TX-audio
21 Mar 2002v8000 gne caper
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Date Author Subject
1. 26 Apr 2015 Victor Renta (0) Low audio on transmit. V8000
2. 13 Jul 2013 Anonymous (0) intermittant audio problem IC-V8000 View article
3. 30 Jun 2013 james wages (0) Tramsmit problem.

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