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15 May 2015Antenna relay fault (deaf RX) fixed with a little magnet on IC-736
05 Dec 2011IC-736 Preamp on 0.5 to 1.6 MHz
28 Oct 2009Alternate Tone board for Icoms
08 Jan 2007AM receive improvement tip.
31 Jan 2003IC-736 Mar/Cap Mod
19 Jul 1998Speed-up the ALC for IC-736
19 Jul 1998Icom IC-736 DDS/VCO Bug/Fix
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Date Author Subject
1. 16 Apr 2012 Chuck Tedeschi (0) 'IC-736 Preamp on 0.5 to 1.6 MHz' View article
2. 31 Aug 2011 joe bailey (0) adding a TE-32 tone board View article
3. 28 Oct 2009 Steve Fritts (0) An Alternative for UT 30 Tone board
4. 28 Oct 2009 Steve Fritts (0) Alternative Tone board
5. 24 Dec 2007 Steve Lampasona (0) It Works View article
6. 29 Jun 2007 Uwe Taedcke (0) Meine Erfahrung / My experience View article
7. 09 Feb 2007 Maxim Lugovoi (0) TX frequency coverage
8. 30 Jul 2006 Jan Sander van der Stoel (0) ICOM 736 VCO problems
9. 16 Jul 2005 Jan Sander van der Stoel (0) IC-736 VCO failure
10. 03 Dec 2004 chuck, n6ddk (0) icom 736 schematic ?
11. 17 Nov 2004 marek sq4ixm (1) programming soft for IC 736

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