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22 Aug 2013Official Icom document on how to expand transmit range
19 Nov 2007Mic modification for IC-703 (706)
08 Apr 2007Distorted audio when using the rear external speaker socket
28 Jun 2006ICOM IC-703 Voltage check tips
25 Feb 2006IC-703 MW And LW Attenuator Removal Mod
25 Feb 2006IC-703 AGC slow release
24 Feb 2006AM Filter replacement for IC-703
12 Feb 2005Icom IC-703 TX key update
12 Feb 2005Extended functions for IC-703
19 Dec 2004Improvement of the PA driver for the IC-703
25 Jul 2004Icom IC-703 Driver Bias Adjustment
31 Aug 2003IC-703 '60-metre transmit mod,' plus full transmit HF/6 metre
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Date Author Subject
1. 18 Mar 2008 Guido van Beek (0) Bad spelling View article
2. 06 Jan 2008 Anonymous (0) Mic modification for IC-703 (706) View article
3. 01 Sep 2007 Bob Innes (0) Mods PA driver for Icom 703
4. 06 Jul 2007 Martin Fischer (0) Mine too View article
5. 09 Apr 2007 Anonymous (0) Distorted sound with external speaker View article
6. 02 Jan 2007 Ron Thompson (0) IC-703 transmitter failure
7. 13 Aug 2006 Sebastian Zettle (1) 'ICOM IC-703 Voltage check tips' View article
8. 27 Jun 2006 David Owen (1) AM filter replacement View article
9. 28 May 2006 bill janik (1) 60 mter tx and full 6 mtre conv
10. 26 May 2005 Luca (0) No RF power output whit ICOM IC-703 View article
11. 17 Jan 2005 Anonymous (0) IC-703 expand TC frequency coverage
12. 13 Oct 2004 Roar (0) Icom IC-703 driver transistor failure View article
13. 17 Jul 2004 Anonymous (2) Expand IC-703 to 50Mhz
14. 16 Jul 2004 Anonymous (0) RX & TX Expand Range!
15. 29 Feb 2004 Anonymous (0) IC-703 POWER

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