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25 May 2017Icom IC-7100 / 7300 Received/Recorded Audio Playback over the Air
12 Mar 2017Erratic behavior/shutdown at high volume levels IC-7100
08 Feb 2017Increase peak SSB on ICOM IC-7100
26 Sep 2016Radio will not power up due to DC-DC Converter problem IC-7100
27 Mar 2016IC-7100 Zu geringe Leistung bei SSB
27 Jun 2014Change VHF/UHF socket from SO239 to N Type
20 Sep 2013Official Icom document on how to expand transmit range for IC-7100
21 Aug 2013RTX band expand for IC-7100
12 Jul 2013RX / TX Mod IC-7100
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Date Author Subject
1. 13 Jan 2017 Michal Grygarek (0) Editing HF1 + 3 total gain View article
2. 02 Jan 2016 Jochen Heilemann (2) Does not work on mine. :-( View article
3. 23 Dec 2015 Johannes Seitz (1) 50m, 70m, VHF, UHF ? View article
4. 24 Aug 2015 M SPL (3) Part Number for the N-Type Jack View article
5. 01 Aug 2014 Joachim Bernhard (0) Send out 1750Hz for german repeaters from HM-198
6. 16 Jun 2014 Damian Goh (13) MARS/CAP for Japan model Not Working
7. 23 Apr 2014 Anonymous (0) Anyone tried the 09/20/2013 mods on US version?
8. 31 Aug 2013 fran giru (0) Icom ic 7100, service menu? View article
9. 28 Aug 2013 Anonymous (1) What about US version of the IC-7100?
10. 12 Aug 2013 Johannes Seitz (0) Version EU #03
11. 13 Jul 2013 Marcus Sehlhoff (0) ** IMPORTANT ** View article

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