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M.W.Electronic has existed in many years. It began in 1994 on the packet net, and in 1996 it was always available on the Internet. In these many years has collect a big portal with many modifications and other useful information for the radio amateur.

This has been possible because many users have upload modification, pictures and manuals to, and is very glad to have all the positive response.

To secure that also can exist in the future it is important that people around the world help Webmaster of have used thousands of hours in the last 10 years to keep the site running. It is not cheap to run the site, fee to the Internet connection and web hotel, electricity to the computer that is running the FTP server, so there are many fees to keep active.

Webmaster of has used thousands of hours and money to maintain and keep alive, but also many people around the world has used many hours, so now it time for the users of to give some back before they use

Every one can still use all areas on, but if they don't donate some thing then they has only limited access. So if you want to enjoy then you must also give away.

What can you donate and then get more access?

To get more access you must donate something, at the moment you can donate the following items:

  • new modification or homebrew article

  • new manual

  • new picture

  • money donation

new modification

First of all the most important is that get new modification and homebrew articles, to keep the interest for If you have a modification or homebrew article for some radio amateur equipment, then you can send it to by using the form, and you will then get credit for your article and then get more access to
Note, the credit will first take effect when webmaster has approved the article.

new manual

Manuals are very popular on there is downloaded about 4 Gb every day, and new manuals is coming ever week. Have you a manual that not is on the site then you can send the manuals to, contact webmaster an ask how to send the manual. Is the manual you have on paper, then you can scan or find someone that can scan the manual for you and then send it to You can read more about scanning a manual on the support pages.
Note, the credit will first take effect when webmaster of has approved the manual.

new picture

Have you a radio, power amplifier, antenna tuner, microphone or other amateur equipment where not have the picture, then take a picture and send it to Use the upload formula where you can upload unlimited numbers of pictures and get lots of credits. We like all type of picture that is amateur related, like pictures of the front, rear, inside the equipment.
Note, the credit will first take effect when webmaster of has approved the picture.

money donation

If you not have a modification, manual or picture that you can donate to, then you can also donate money. It cost a while to keep running, e.g. computer, electricity for the computer and fee to web hotel and Internet connection. Click here to donate an amount you can use your credit card and it is safe because there is used https secure encryptions when you use your credit card. We use that is safe and secure partner for handling the security.

What do I get if I donate?

If you donate one or more of the following that is descried above, your member shipment is changed from FREE member to VIP member. If you already are VIP member the time of your VIP member shipment is then extended.

When you are a VIP member you get more access, see the table below for details:

  Free member VIP member
View article 1 article daily unlimited articles
View all articles for one model in one click No Yes
View pictures 2 pictures in 4 days 20 pictures daily
View forum message 1 message daily unlimited messages
Download manual 1 manual in 4 days 5 manuals daily*

As VIP member you can download 5 files in manuals section daily, but maximum 40 files in 2 weeks. If you exceed the limit of 40 files, you will always be able to download at least one file daily, also if you exceed the limit of 40 files.

In the table below can you see how long credit a donation give VIP status.

New modification or homebrew article 12 months
New manual 6 months
New picture 2 months
Donate $7 by 3 months
Donate $17 by 12 months
Donate $39 by 30 months (2 years)
Donate $75 by 60 months (5 years)

Donation of new modification, manuals and picture will first take effect when it is online on and webmaster has pass through. This mean that when you send the modification, manual or picture there can go some days before you get the credit.

If you donate by your member shipments is changes immediately. It is only by that can receive money donation.

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